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Naruto 488 Manga – Raw Predictions,Spoilers (version 2)

Author : Badon
Naruto 488 : Homeward Bound

[People are running from a burning building, screaming is heard]

unknown narrator: Mom!! Dad!!
unknown man: Come on, we've got to go!! Those konoha shinobi will be back any moment!!
unknown woman: I'm not leaving without our son!
unknown man: If we don't get out of here now, we'll--

[Man is eviscerated, woman screams. Next frame, the woman is looking at the narrator, holding her hand out and saying "run..."]
[Danzo's stern face flashes by]

[frame is black, licking sound in the background]
[frame is still black]

Sakura: Akamaru, get off Sai! Kiba, wake up and take care of your dog!
[frame appears, Sakura is shaking Lee]
Sakura: Lee, Kiba, Sai, get up you guys, we're going back to the village!
Sai: What... what happened??

Sakura: I... (thinks about how she failed to stop Sasuke) I'll tell you all about it when we get back to the village
Sai: You weren't able to stop him, were you?
Kiba: :groggily starts to wake up: What? Stop who? Where's my dog biscuits...
Lee: (jumps up) Sai! How dare you interfere with our mission to stop Sasuke!
Sai: I only wanted to protect you guys...

Sakura: [interrupting] Lee, Kiba, Sai, I'm sorry. It's all my fault, I didn't mean to hurt you, but we have to hurry back to the village now, Kakashi and Naruto went on ahead.
Sai: As long as everyone's alright, I'm relieved.. (wipes off his brow, wonders again why he's sweating if he isn't supposed to feel any emotions, remembers for a brief moment the face of the woman holding out her arm to him)

Kabuto scene
[Kabuto is running down a hall and looking into a room]

Kabuto (thinking): It has to be around here somewhere..
[Kabuto looks into the next room and sees a bunch of bookshelves]

Kabuto (thinking): Aha, it must be there with the rest of the scrolls. These Waterfall ninja sure have been cooperative to tell me the correct building... I guess it didn't hurt that I used one of Orochimaru's jutsu on them [kukuku].. now, which one is it
[Kabuto is going through the scrolls]

Anko scene
Anko (thinking): What are you doing in the waterfall village, Kabuto?? Did you think Orochimaru left one of his experiments here?

[rustling leaves catch her attention]
[Anko throws a kunai into the bush]
Anko: Come out, I know you're in there, dogs of Danzou!

[shinobi are seen in the shadows]
masked shinobi #1: We should've known one of orochimaru's disciples would've detected us.
masked shinobi #2: It's no matter.. we should just take her out like danzo ordered.
Anko: If you think I'll go down so easily, you've got another thing coming!

[The unknown shinobi are engulfed in a genjutsu, snakes swirl all around them, hissing and spitting venom that melts through their masks as they scream]
Anko: Now, tell me about Danzo.

Killer Bee scene
Bee (thinking): Oi, now I gotta come up with some stuff that rhymes with shark so I can make full use of this new sword I have.

Hachibi: God, why can't you just give the rap thing a break. I'm tired too, can't you just sleep so I can recover my chakras?

Bee (thinking): This sword's just holding onto them for you, can't you tell? If I go to sleep with this thing, who knows what might happen! I guess I should put it in brothers armory for now...

Hachibi: Don't you notice something strange about this sword, Bee?

Bee (thinking): Strange? Thing's crazy! It steals your enemy's chakra and becomes bigger and heavier because of it! I can't wait to try it out in the proving grounds, I hope brother lets me go..

Hachibi: That's not it. I sense more than just the samehada chakra in this. We should have it inspected by a sensor so we know what it's capable of before we leave it alone somewhere.

Bee (thinking): You're just overthinking it, don't have a cow, cow-man!

[Bee leans against a rock and leans the sword down next to him]
Bee (thinking): I haven't had a rest since that uchiha kid made me go all out

Hachibi: He made you go all out!? You can't lie to me, Bee, you were just having fun at my expense!

Bee (thinking): You never want me to have any fun, whether it's rapping or fighting you'd rather just sit around and chew cud. Now just gimme a break while I nap..

Hachibi: Fine, but don't blame me when this sword goes all haywire on you!

Sasuke and Madara scene:
[Madara is walking down a dark hall, Sasuke behind him with a dim light at the end of the tunnel behind them]
Madara: It'll take a week for you to adjust to your new eyes, after the transplant. I need to know that you will take it easy and relax until then.

Sasuke: Keh, worry about yourself. I'll be able to tell when I'm ready to fight again.

Madara: I know you think you will be, but there's still more you will need to know to use the EMS effectively. Like I said, you've been using Susano'o far too liberally, and there are tricks you can use to extend your stamina.

Sasuke: I thought you said this EMS had no degredation.

Madara: Just because you won't wear out the eyes, doesn't mean you won’t wear out your body if you overuse them like you have been. You used to rely on the cursed seal and then orochimaru's essence, but now that you're free of those shackles, you have to learn to use less costly techniques if you want to be able to defeat your enemy.

Sasuke: Just give me the eyes and I'll kill Naruto and then stomp the fire out of the leaf village.

Madara (thinking): I'm glad he's so enthusiastic about this fight, I was worried that Kyuubi boy might have learned the secret of 16 years ago and used it to sway Sasuke but it's clear there's no way he could be changed now.. kukuku

Naruto scene
Naruto: Kakashi, I've wanted to ask you something ever since I fought with Pain.
Kakashi: ?

Karin (thinking): Uzumaki Naruto... defeated Madara's most powerful soldier, Pain, all by himself... This guy has more chakra than I've ever felt before..
Naruto: What was my father like... you know, before he was responsible for the village?

Kakashi: Your father... the fourth hokage was the wisest, bravest shinobi who had a heart as large as your own. He was my leader, my role model, the person I would like to have emulated most of all the shinobi in the village. Everyone knew he would become hokage when he came of age..

Karin (thinking): Even his father was hokage!? I'd heard stories about the fourth hokage and how it used to be if you saw him on the battlefield, everyone was ordered to run, but I never heard anything about his son...

Naruto: Well, what I mean is, did he ever have friends? What about his companions and family, whatever happened to them? I was raised alone, and noone even told me my dad was hokage. Did that mean nobody even knew I was going to be born?

Kakashi: Well, your father spent much of his youth outside the village, learning techniques from the toads and from the elders in your mothers’ village. Most of his close friends were from there, now that I think about it…

Naruto: My mothers’ village? I haven't heard anything about that place, where is it?

Kakashi: It doesn't exist anymore. The village of whirlpools used to be a beautiful place in the south, with rich farm lands that stretched from shore to shore, with wildlife teeming everywhere. But it was lost in the war...

Naruto: What about the rest of my family? My mother, my relatives, where are they?
Kakashi: No one knows what happened to Kushina when Minato sealed the Kyuubi, we all assumed she died that day...

Naruto: But you don't know for sure!?
Karin: Once upon a time, I met a woman a lot like you... Naruto...
Kakashi and Naruto: !?!

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